Went down to Vancouver for a week to go to the AP Calculus Institute so I can teach AP this year. Stayed with a buddy on the east side of I-205. Had a great encounter with the guys in Continental Loan, a local pawn shop. Went in looking for a graphing calculator cause I'd forgotten mine. After browsing for a bit, one of the guys asked what I was carrying, which started a long conversation about concealed and open carry. One of the other customers was up from Oregon and looking at a firearm and we ended up talking about Oregon permits and reciprocity. The guys were very interested and very friendly.

The rest of the week, couldn't really carry much as the class was at a school so I had to lock it in my saddlebags every day, but no issues, no one seemed to notice. Shopped at Safeway, Albertson's, Fred Meyer, Blockbuster, Office Depot with no issues.