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Thread: Interesting vid from

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    Interesting vid from

    An individual should not choose the caliber, cartridge, and bullet that will kill an an animal when everything is right; rather, he should choose ones that will kill the most efficiently when everything goes wrong

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    Interesting video about carry in California and AB144. Portantino is clearly not interested in facts and the things he says are enough to make you bang your head against the wall. He seems to believe the police are all we need to protect ourselves. As the saying goes, when there are seconds between living and dying the police are only minutes away.
    "When seconds count between living or dying, the police are only minutes away."

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    people like that drive me mad when they talk, and coming from a politician shows you why we are on the brink of destruction or revolution

    rope rope rope, that's my vote
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    You have to understand something. There are evil people, destructive people, anti-social people. And, they're not all like Jared Loughner or a street criminal who will knife you for the $6 in your wallet. Some of them, plenty of them, wear suits and ties. Some of them, plenty of them, are in politics.

    The appropriateness of self-defense is too easy to understand. Anybody who is against it or wants to impose serious restrictions is automatically suspect. An anti-self-defense view so easily aligns with supporting criminals, rapists--bloodshed and injury to innocents--that it takes no effort at all to understand.

    Don't bang your head. Recognize the signs. Suspect the individual.

    Portantino is suspect. Notice his comment about 2A giving you the right to protect your property? Its an assertion intended to convey a limitation, not an expansion, on a right. Notice his lag when the interviewer asked if your person was included in property? Notice how Portantino smoothly shifted to say OC is Old West and doesn't fit the picture, while conveniently omitting that may-issue pretty much guarantees no defense of your property (body) in public?

    Portantino is suspect. He should be investigated. His attitude is too supportive of crime, too anti-social. I think there is a fair chance that some digging into his personal life by a private investigator might reveal other anti-social tendencies, perhaps even criminal conduct. A number of Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns have already fallen to crime and corruption exposure. No reason at all to think anti-social tendencies in politicians are limited to mayors.
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    Of course he support guns bans because the criminals will vote for him when they see he is disarming law abiding citizens for the criminals safety.

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    If you don't recognize his name, Sam Wolanyk was the guy who stripped down to his underwear to go through a TSA checkpoint, and wound up arrested. He fights for liberty on more than one front.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBCraig View Post
    If you don't recognize his name, Sam Wolanyk was the guy who stripped down to his underwear to go through a TSA checkpoint, and wound up arrested. He fights for liberty on more than one front.
    Now I am really friggin angry. I can see how you would not be permitted to FLY if you refuse a patdown. But ARRESTED??? I am so damn pissed I can hardly think straight. And video taping is a CRIME??? What the capital F'ing F???

    Keep those guns close, you might need them sooner than any of us expected. If they continue to expand the police state, something will have to give.

    These clowns are out of control. The awesome thing would be for everyone to just not fly and let the aviation industry just die... but most people are sheep and will happily walk through the chute onto the killing floor. WWII proved that all too well.

    Never again? Yeah right...
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    "The problem with Internet quotes is that no one has verified the source" -- Abraham Lincoln

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