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Thread: llama advice

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    llama advice

    i just purchased a llama ixc for 200 dollars. it is my first firearm purchase and i was wondering if it was decent or if i overpaid?

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    Sounds like a decent deal for an older pistol! Is it in good shape? Post some pictures. Are you planning on carrying it? Do you have a holster in mind?
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    To research prices, I'd suggest a site like
    (There are others, that's just the one that came to mind first.)
    Do a search on completed auctions for pistols like yours.
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    I have read several good reviews on llama products in the past. I have never personally used or owned one, but the one downside to them that I see is that since they are no longer produced you may have a hard time finding any parts that break in the future. If it were me I would use it till it broke before I worried about that though.
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    I once owned a Llama .380.It was a good looking gun, felt good in my hands but jammed like no tommorrow. I found other mags and tried them, but it consistently failedto feed the 3rd round in a full mag. Couldn't figure itout so I sold it.
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