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Thread: Salinas, Ca Home owner kills intruder

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    Salinas, Ca Home owner kills intruder

    Guy walks in another persons garage with a gun in his hand. Home owner sees the guy on the security camera and grabs his gun.. The rest of the story is can be read. I enclosed the link below.

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    Yaki! The BG had an "Automatic"? weapon? For real? or just bad reporting.

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    "If you in any way feel threatened, you have the right to defend yourself, your property and your homestead," said [Sheriff's Investigator] Kaiser.
    I wouldn't mind police giving out legal advice so much if they actually gave it correctly.

    Threatened "in any way" authorizes self-defense? So, if a goon tells me he's going to come back later and beat me with a baseball bat, I can shoot him now? Either CA has much less stringent self-defense laws than I thought, or the learned investigator is handing out really, really bad advice.

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    HERMANNR, listening to the broadcast, it is likely there was an automatic involved ... they are still looking for 2 accomplises ... the homeowner is a legal medical marijuana grower, so he was most likely 'targeted'

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