That's right, if you and your friends can total a group of ten, I will come to you, at your location, and teach the Utah Concealed Carry Class for only $80. My goal is to make the Utah permit affordable to just about everyone. Simply pick a Sat. a few weeks in advance, get ten of your friends together and I'll come to your location.

This class includes the Utah mandated fingerprinting (no trudging off to a police dept. and paying extra) and an addressed envelope. In addition, if you wish to apply for a FL permit I will give you a certificate that meets FL's training requirements at no additional charge.

Class runs approx. 4 hours. This is a classroom only course and I require that you already be familiar with handguns to attend.

Please do not post any questions on his forum, use the email address provided below. Come on, have some fun. Get a group of your friends together, save some money and get your Utah permit at the same time!

For more information and to register go to:

or email at: