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Thread: why you need to carry

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    why you need to carry

    i work 1/4 mile away from here, sometimes go in to get a soda. always be prepared. maybe next time the clerk will be prepared to defend himself.
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    WHY YOU NEED TO CARRY......Because the evil and the wicked never take time off, and the good must be ever diligent that if and when the time comes, we will be prepared.It always makes me smile and just shake my head when people say we carry a firearm because we are afraid or paranoid, and the same people would cryout if something happened to them and there werent any LEO's tp protect them when they needed it.People who prepare for the WORSTE are called paranoid, then when it happens, they are called prepared...
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    It's incredible how many armed robberies I have been hearing lately on the scanner. I normally only scan the area that I'm in and only while driving, but yet I always hear them even in "good" areas. Gas stations have been getting hit a lot lately and so have fast food places. These thugs will stick a gun into someones face and threaten to end someone's life (sometimes doing it) for less than you make in a day.

    Apparently the news is very selective about what violent crimes make the news and it appears to almost be at random. The police have rarely been catching these thugs either.

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    ...and I bet the Mayor wished he was armed when HE was in the plaza. How many people thought it was dumb for us to go to the plaza armed. Now I need to open carry there again and see how they react. No doubt, they will post signs now which would have been ignored by the hoodlums...
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