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    Digital Recorder

    I am pretty sure this has been posted or is posted, but me being a retard with forums I am posting here. What is a good digital voice recorder for me to carry with me just incase of an incident or when police decide to question me on OC or CC? I feel like the retard here but that is the only thing I don't have and I'm pretty sure its an item of great need. I don't mind spending the bucks on a good one that can just on the fly transfer the recordings to my laptop and save them.

    Like I said this question has been asked before and I have googled searched a few but basically I'm asking for advice here.

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    To me battery life and record times are the key features. I want to be able to start recording when I leave the house and just let it run. The one feature I regret not getting is a USB port to ease downloading. Even without one, downloading is possible, just time consuming through the headphone jack connected to the microphone port.

    My recorder is a simple audio recorder, uses AAA batteries (which seem to last for hundreds of hours of recording), and has the capacity to record dozens of hours of audio. It also fits perfectly in one of the spare magazine holders for my Glock 9mm. I delete the recording each day when I get home--unless something has happened.

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    In addition to what eye95 suggested you have to have a recorder with sufficient sensitivity to record both you AND the officer/other parties clearly and it must also have good rejection or background noise to be effective. That is usually found on the higher end units. Whatever you try/buy, TEST IT outside alongside the street or in a mall with someone to determine if it can do what you need or if it only picks up what you say if that!
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    Everyone has their own preferences, but I just purchased an "olympus ws520m" that seems to do everything I want it to do. Paid 75 bucks delivered on amazon. And I am sure there are hundreds of other brands/models that do just fine. Any of them are better than none.

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