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Thread: A friendly OC experience.

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    A friendly OC experience.

    I work in downtown Seattle and I generally CC. On one of the few "hot" days I OC'd simply for the comfort factor of not having to wear a jacket. Sitting at the counter of one of my favorite cafe's (who's owner and the girls all know I carry), there was a gentleman with his two kids a few seats down. When he got up to get a glass of water I could just feel him looking at my sidearm. When he sat down I heard his son whisper something to him. Next thing I know, "Excuse me, can I ask you something?"

    My next thought: crap, here we go...oh well, I'll just be polite and deal with it. "Sure, ask away."

    "Are you security?"


    "A police officer?"


    "You can just carry that around with a permit?"

    "Nope, don't need a permit to open carry, just to conceal it."

    "Really? That's awesome! I'm from Canada and we need a permit just to take a handgun from our house to the range."

    We ended up talking for a little while about Canadian gun laws. He wishes they were that lenient with handguns for the simple reason of being an avid hiker and camper, he's concerned about bears and doesn't want to carry a rifle or slugged shotgun. A real gentleman. After it all, I could only wonder to myself: How come more people from my own country are than enthusiastic?


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    Definitely a good encounter. Imagine if you replied unpolitely or weren't as open. (No pun intended)

    Well, I can kinda imagine your replies (short one words) being rude or negative with a certain tone. How was your tone? Just simple convo-ish?

    Been harassed by the police? Yelled at by the anti-gun neighbors? Mother doesn't approve?

    Then this is the place for you! Click here to get back at them!

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    If you had more time to talk to him you coulda interjected with how crazy different the laws are in the states. Sounds like CA and TN have closest to what he's talking about. In TN you have to have a permit to carry loaded-if you don't have one and want to go to a range you have to have the ammo and gun in two different places. CA you can't carry loaded at all. And in a few states you can't carry period.

    But then again, I guess we have more than enough comedy to supply other countries with.

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