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Thread: Richmond Times-Dispatch Opinion 8/17/2011

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    Thumbs up Richmond Times-Dispatch Opinion 8/17/2011

    Excellent op-ed today. Refreshing when the press sees through the anti-gun propaganda - and calls them out on it!



    Gun control: Misfire

    If the critics had been right, then gun crimes in bars and restaurants should have skyrocketed. Instead, they fell.

    This is not surprising. Time and again, the public has been warned that broadening the scope of gun rights will lead automatically, as it were to an increasing incidence of bloodshed. It happened when Florida passed its concealed-carry law, and when other states followed suit. It happened when the Supreme Court upheld an individual right to carry firearms, and again when the high court applied that ruling to cities beyond the District of Columbia. Time and time again, the prediction has been proven wrong.

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    good editorial

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    The best part

    "More guns might not lead to less crime; deterrence is a very hard thing to prove. But this much is clear: More guns do not lead to more crime. Virginia's experience with its concealed-carry law fits a long-running pattern. Unfortunately, most gun-control advocates probably will wave away any data that do not support their dubious hypothesis, just as McEachin has. That is a long-running pattern, too."

    LOL Nice to see that we are not the only ones that know what McEachin is.

    His buddy Tom Lisk considers 2 incidents out of the 153 last year prove they were right.

    Tom is a lawyer and not real good at math apparently. That is .0137%. They are not all as sharp as USER!

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