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Thread: Digital Voice Recorders and Recording Conversations in PA

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    Digital Voice Recorders and Recording Conversations in PA

    I am a Virginia resident; I will be visiting PA this weekend.
    I have reviewed PA gun laws regarding OC and CC and know that PA is very gun-friendly and recognizes my VA Concealed Handgun Permit.
    As a rule, when carrying at any time in VA, I also carry a digital voice recorder (DVR) and have it actively recording. In VA, a conversation may be legally recorded, if at least one party to the conversation is aware of the recording. That is always me.
    The DVR is insurance against selective amnesia by witnesses (or LEOs) after an encounter.

    What are the laws regarding the recording of conversations in PA?

    Thanks in advance ...

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    Try this thread on the topic from

    I think you will find it useful.
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