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Thread: since i refuse to visit calguns, ill ask here.

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    since i refuse to visit calguns, ill ask here.

    Does anyone know if pre ban High Capacity mags for an AK are legal to put into an AK pistol?

    I know you can use preban mags in "featureless" rifles, but the AK pistol os classified as a "pistol"

    So that makes it neither a "featureless" or a "evil features" rifle.

    Anyone know the deal with AK/AR pistols and magazines?

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    For starters, there's no such thing as a pre-ban large-cap mag (with regard to CA law) as there was never a ban.

    However, if you possessed a large-capacity magazine in CA prior to 1/1/00 you are free to use it (if otherwise legal)

    It sounds like you need to familiarize yourself with CA Assault Weapon Laws as it pertains to Handguns.
    The easiest method to determine if a particular handgun configuration is an Assault Weapon is to follow the CalGuns Flowchart for handguns.

    Since 99.9% of all AK-variant pistols 'naturally' have a magazine outside the pistol grip they are Assault Weapons.
    However, you can put a mag-lock device on it to make the mag non-detachable.
    But, if the fixed magazine holds > 10 rounds it becomes an Assault Weapon once again.

    So, in CA you cannot legally have an AK-Variant pistol with a large capacity magazine unless it was registered as an Assault Weapon.

    p.s. you now owe a $5 donation each to & the CalGuns Foundation for providing you with the info you needed.

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    Boycotting CALGUNS.NET is like boycotting a library because you don't agree with a city's politics. You are only denying yourself information and denying your point of view an audience. The thread counts here are in the dozens for days; there it is thousands. It's the big tent of forums.

    So what if someone disagrees with you. Many on the fence can still be influenced. My secret is to stay on topic and to respond only with logic. Avoid personal attacks and certainly don't respond to any.

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