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Thread: Red, White, & Blue Days 2011

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    Cool Red, White, & Blue Days 2011

    I want to invite all open carriers to my towns Red, White, & Blue Days in Floyd County, city of Martin, Kentucky. Date of festival is September 15th, 16th, & 17th. A three day event with a parade on the last day. I am on the committee for the festival and I want to invite all to come out and celebrate our freedom. To find out more on the festivities. You can go here at for more information. I look forward to seeing you all there. I'll be the one openly carrying and driving my golf cart. LOL
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    Looks like fun!!! Take some pictures and post them here. Looks like Martin is a small town because the website is a little weak. Everyone: Do not let Schlitz see this this thread....
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    If possible and schedling permitting, I'd like to run up there and check it out. I'm pretty close to Martin and it would be great to meet a fellow OC'er IRL. As the day gets closer, I should know more about my availability and weill post here.

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