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Thread: Question about Castle Rock

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    Question about Castle Rock

    I just saw on another forum (can't remember which one) that Castle Rock has an open carry ban on city property like parks, walkways, businesses, etc. That concerns me, because I prefer to OC over CC and I live in Castle Rock. This means that I may or may not know a guy who has been doing this for 3 years and has never had any problems, but would technically be violating a "law" of some sort. Please someone tell me that Denver Fever has caught on over here and that this "fact" is just a bunch of bullcrap, because I never heard of it and I like to think that I am knowledgeable on the firearms laws in this state. Thanks in advance for your time!

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    Most towns have their ordinances posted online, so you can find out yourself. Castle Rock's are at

    Here's their open carry ordinance, which looks to me like it follows state law:

    9.04.165 Open carry of firearms.
    It is unlawful for any person, except law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties, to
    openly carry a firearm in any Town-owned or -operated building, or on any Town-owned or -operated
    park, recreation area or property upon which the Town Manager has directed to be posted a
    notification that the carrying of firearms is prohibited. (Ord. 2003-41 1, 2003)

    They don't prohibit carry on sidewalks or in businesses.

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    Howdy Amigo!
    I agree with the previous poster. The state law makes clear that government buildings may prohibit carrying of firearms, particularly if there are permanent metal detectors in place to check for weapons. The law also stipulates that any location owned or operated by local government can prohibit firearms but must post such notice. I've noticed that most parks in Brighton, for example, post a prohibition against firearms on signs as you enter the park. Not all parks have those signs. If it ain't posted, carry would be legal.

    State law preempts local ordinances prohibiting carry except where proscribed for government buildings and posted locations. They can't simply ban the carrying of a defensive weapon everywhere or have ordinances that vary from state law. Denver, oddly enough, is exempt from statewide preemption and was the substance of a recent case in court. But Denver is the only jurisdiction that can outright ban open carry everywhere. Their exception does not prohibit concealed carry with a valid permit, however.

    So in essence, I wouldn't fret too much about it. Just carry on, unless you intend to meander into government buildings or posted areas. Schools, of course, prohibit guns by federal law. That's a different kettle of clams altogether.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamite Rabbit View Post
    ...upon which the Town Manager has directed to be posted a
    notification that the carrying of firearms is prohibited. (Ord. 2003-41 1, 2003)
    So it's illegal simply because the Town Manager has directed notifications to be posted?

    This is a typical example of sloppy legislation. Fortunately, most courts would require such a notification to actually have been posted, rather than merely directed as such.

    However, this is also a typical reason why I always pack a lunch whenever I need to visit Denver for any reason, and why I never buy gas in Castle Rock.

    If they're not willing to support my Constitutional rights, I'm unwilling to support their anti-Constitutional municipalities.
    The First protects the Second, and the Second protects the First. OO-RAH!!! Together, they protect the rest of our Bill of Rights and other founding documents.

    As for President Trump, he's getting the job done.

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    I live in Castle Rock and also have a Sherrif's Officer, Elizabeth Chief of Police and a Denver LEO living in my neighborhood. Yesterday was a great example, there was a disturbance two doors down from me and I saw three police cars in front of the house. I got out of my car and was openly carrying. No issues. Tonight walking, CR finest in an SUV waved and said hello as I went for my evening walk. Walked past Elizabeth Cheif's house and he was out and in uniform, along with another CR finest at the house. They both saw I was open carrying and no issues. I go to the dog park off of Plum Creek and walk around down town with no issues. As clarified in the above post, the town manager has to direct the posting and it has to be officially posted for Town buildings and recreation area's. The only real area that consist of is town building and the Rec Center. The skate park and associated ball fields at the corner of Front Street and Blackfeather as well but this area also falls within 1000 feet of two schools so I guess the gun free zone is in place there. I don't have any problems here in CR and both DC Sherrif's Office and CRPD seem to be pretty well educated regarding the facts of 2A. Of course, use your own judgement and make decisions accordingly.
    Carry On.

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    ...sounds good there in Castle Rock (C-R).

    But I Hope the Denver Cancer doesn't metastasize to other parts of Colorado as time goes on...especially places SO CLOSE to Denver like Castle Rock (yes, even though it's in Douglas County). Denver never should have gotten away with that "exemption from state law" in the first place.

    I may need to go to C-R for a while (school) and would HATE for that to happen! ;-)

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