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Thread: Out of the boX, OC north and south-

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    Thumbs up Out of the boX, OC north and south-

    Went outside my normal routine today and made a trip up to seattle from down here in Yelm.

    The day started with a stop in the yelm walmart then we hit kinokuniya bookstore inside the uwajimaya grocery store in seattle. On the way back we had to pick up some things at the tacoma best buy and then hit walmart one more time for some things we forgot.

    All in all the day went without comment from the stores there were 2 incidents with customers.

    The first was in seattle at the bookstore while i was in line for checkout the guy behind me asked my wife if it was legal for "her man" to be OCing in public with kids around and such. i had a pamphlet on me that i gave him to read. as he noted his inexperience with firearms he did not relaise that holsters have a retention system that prevents random people from just pulling out your sidearm.

    The second was a bit more humorus as i walk through walmart the second time a kid probably about 6 or so kept telling his dad "look it's a cop".

    Ah the stereotypes.....somehow i don't think police wear norweigan black metal band shirts with their BDUs or have long hair.

    +thought for the day+
    ++victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none++

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    The Yelm Walmart? ARE YOU SERIOUS?? Do you realize how many "People of Walmart" photos I have submitted from there??

    Good going.... Sounds like you had a great day.

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