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Thread: Some questions if y'all don't mind.

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    Some questions if y'all don't mind.

    I got some questions, and also wish to pose some hypothetical for my fellow Kentuckians, if it's alright.

    I'm not the most educated in our laws, though I've lived here a while, and have some posts here; But I am a bit weary/easily intimidated by cops and the random person who would probably yell "HE'S GONNA KILL US!". I do like to OC, usually with a friend or partner, and while fishing, or at the range. Have had bad encounters with cops, as a couple posts in this very forum can show. But I was wondering a couple things.

    Is it legal to Open Carry at say, fairs? like the State Fair?

    I'm wanting to go to the State fair one of these days, but I don't usually go to new places without carrying; Would it be a 'no-go' because of laws, or LEO's pulling 'rank'?

    Another; I've never been to the Montgomery Co Court Days, I know it's a bit away, in October. Since it's a county wide, out-doors event, would it be legal, and accepted to OC during it? if so, should I keep it zip-tied or unloaded?

    -I haven't really OC'd in a city, or around a large group of people, and I don't want to send the wrong signals to anyone out of state; Certainly don't want another encounter with a LEO, similiar to the Forest Ranger encounters.

    More questions:

    -I can't seem to find anything relevant on this, excepting carrying a pistol in a factory installed compartment, so... Would it be illegal to operate a vehicle while having a holstered pistol on your belt/hip? If no, would it have to be unloaded? Seeing as how Sunday, I'll be going from the home, to the range, and back; Lazy I know, to not take it off, just always wondered about it.

    Another; I see the threads of people making a list of OC friendly places and businesses, and their OC reports. But I was wondering, relating to East-Central Kentucky, are people and businesses accepting of OC? Like say, my friend has been encouraging me to OC more often when I'm out and about, for food, or shopping, and such. And if anyone knows, are eateries in Rowan Co. OC friendly?

    Yet again; My brother lives over off of Nichloasville Rd in Lexington, a poor side of town, looks a bit ran down, I always have to park in the guest lot, and walk a few hundred feet to his building; Is Lexington OC friendly? would it be bad, or illegal for me to OC from my vehicle, to my brothers' Apartment? Furthermore; Is Lexington, LEO's and people in general, alright with a guy walking like, downtown, or the outskirts, while OC'ing?

    One more, then I'm done with my mass questions :P

    I like to wear Camo BDU pants when off work, or in Town; plenty of pockets for random stuff; is it a un-written code in the OC community, to never wear Camo pants/BDU's, or Camo Jacket's while Carrying? As plain Jeans aren't comfy when I'm carrying my Big Revolver.

    Thanks, guys, and Sorry for so many questions~ I'll go back to lurking.
    I'm a proud openly gay open carrier~
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    1)Currently it is against a KAR, or a KY regulation to carry at the state fair. Gutshot and myself are working on reversing that regulation. Unfortunately, Ritchie Farmer is a stumbling block in this matter. Everyone vote 'Comer' for Ag Commissioner!

    2)Definitely OC at court days--I will be! No need for zip tying your weapon. I might recommend carrying unloaded if you are looking to sell or trade it.

    3)If you don't have a CCDW, I would not recommend carrying in that way in a vehicle. People here will tell you all day long that it is legal to do so. Personally, I believe the gun is mostly concealed when on the belt and sitting down in a car. Your call.

    4)Don't get caught up so much in whether a place is OC friendly or not. The worst that could happen is educating someone on OC or being asked to leave somewhere. You won't be arrested. While OC is not commonplace in Lexington or elsewhere, it IS commonplace for several of us to OC in these places. We regularly have good or non-experiences. It may be unnerving at first, but that will change.

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