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Thread: OC'r Robbed at gunpoint

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    OC'r Robbed at gunpoint

    Havent posted anything in a loong time, but I just read this article and wanted to share it.
    I searched for it throughout the forum and didn't find it. So I tought I'd put it up.


    Nvm found it I'n CT part of forum
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    mybe a good reason to carry a bug, mace, tazer, and train with Chuck Norris. No seriously a bug, and mace are good options.
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    Its been discussed at length many of us are skeptical to all the facts involved. Notice how involved the CC group was involved in this story.

    Also the OC'er wasn't targeted, he was robbed and when found out he had a gun made to give that over too. Was a crime of opportunity.
    I am not anti Cop I am just pro Citizen.

    U.S. v. Minker, 350 US 179, at page 187
    "Because of what appears to be a lawful command on the surface, many citizens, because
    of their respect for what only appears to be a law, are cunningly coerced into waiving their
    rights, due to ignorance." (Paraphrased)

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    I might be wrong...

    ...but didn't this guy come back later and admit that he'd made the whole thing up? I know it was this or a similar story in the same general time period.
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    The article is from June 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bookman View Post
    ...but didn't this guy come back later and admit that he'd made the whole thing up? I know it was this or a similar story in the same general time period.
    - I seem to remember the same thing (that he made it up) ... however ...

    - As we "normalize" open carry... as it becomes more common place ... at some point.... Some one will get targeted and robbed for a gun, some one will be "the first one shot by a bad guy" ... Bad things can and likely will occur someday, logically, mathematically, these are probable events.

    ~ The more time and exposure that a given condition exists, the higher the chances are that external forces will discover it, affect it, alter it or impact it both negatively and positively. This is with ANYTHING.

    Now, i 100% feel that Open Carry has way way WAY more chance of being a deterrent, and retains an advantage in both the speed and efficiency of deploying ones firearm while in a stressful situation. Benefits Open Cary indeed outweigh the drawbacks, but we should not blind ourselves to the potential negative events that could eventually (most likely will) result as our numbers grow, and exposure increases., and time goes on.

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    I don't think this was the fake one. I do know what one you are referring to.

    Clark agrees. "By and large it is a significant deterrent, open carry is, but I think it really does make the point that Wisconsin should have concealed carry along with open carry so that people who live in a very high crime neighborhood where criminals aren't deterred by firearms would have the ability to conceal carry to protect themselves. The two really work hand in hand," Clark said.
    Hmmm, seems to be a pretty good point. OC may not ALWAYS have a deterrent value. Sometimes when you're walking through the "hood" you're better off with your hand on a LCR in your coat pocket...
    “The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime.”
    [Miller vs. U.S., 230 F. Supp. 486, 489 (1956)]
    “There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of his exercise of constitutional rights.”
    [Sherar vs. Cullen, 481 F2d. 946 (1973)]

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