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Thread: Any GMU Students looking to Volunteer for a Va. State Senate Campaign?

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    Any GMU Students looking to Volunteer for a Va. State Senate Campaign?

    I'm running for Virginia State Senate this year against one of the most anti-gun legislators in Richmond, thirty-year incumbent Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw, who offensively compared gun-owners to "the cast of Deliverance".

    If you're in Northern Virginia and looking to help the cause of freedom and work on a pro-gun-rights campaign, I could use your help. Join my campaign, fight for your rights, and help unseat Saslaw.

    My candidate website is at You can contact me at Thanks!

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    As much as I'd love to see "Banjos" Saslaw defeated, this guy has not yey put anything on his campaign site about what he's already done for RKBA, let alone made any campaign promises about what he would do if elected.

    That's not a reason not to help elect him. But if you are going to, please be aware of what you are getting yourself connected with.

    I've asked him for some info to vett him as a friend of RKBA. Time will tell if he brings anything forth.

    Yes, if he beats Saslaw and turns out to be a "frenemy" or an outright anti he at least will lack the seniority of Saslaw. That in itself may be enough reason for some to support him.

    stay safe.
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