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Thread: Police Looking For Suspect In Moscow Shooting

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    Police Looking For Suspect In Moscow Shooting

    More reason to allow campus carry.....
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    funny how he is an assistant professor in the Psychology dept... My sister lives in Moscow. I will need to alert her of this.

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    The shooting actually took place off campus where carry is legal. The suspected shooter was found dead in the Best Western with a self-inflicted GSW. What a f&cking coward. I am curious as to the motives behind the shooting.

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    I have a sneaking suspicion I may have met the shooter at the pistol range a few months ago O_O. The guy I met was an assistant professor of psychology at U of I, he was about 30 years old, had dark hair, and I think his first name started with an E, so it's a possibility.

    This article has a picture of the shooter, Ernesto Bustamante.
    The victim and shooter had apparently been in a relationship and it had ended after he threatened her on several different occasions with firearms, even putting a gun in her mouth once. Sad story anyway, too bad the victim wasn't armed.

    For such a small town it sure seems like Moscow has had more than its fare share of gun crime in the last few years. Of course this sort of thing is why they should allow carry on campus. If the victim had lived in housing on campus the U of I 'no guns' policy wouldn't have stopped this guy.

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