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Thread: Another reason to be armed in Idaho....

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    Another reason to be armed in Idaho....

    These incidents are becoming much to common...
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    I'm no longer going to I.F. without my gun. That's the second time(that I know of) that I've been in I.F. at the the time of shootings. Thankfully, I wasn't near them, but still a scary thought.

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    Yeah, i carry EVERYWHERE. and i try to avoid IF anyway, I'm rarely over there, but thats not my point. I have some family that lives overthere, and my cousin played on the higschool soccer team, and was once beaten fairly severely by 6 (i think) players (hispanic with obvious gang affiliation) on the other team for a slide tackle that missed and tripped one of the gangsters up. That combined with various other incidents such as the one described here are sufficient to keep me out of that place. its bad enough here in the boise area, which by many standards is a rather docile place to be.

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