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Thread: SOB holster - which way is the grip?

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    SOB holster - which way is the grip?

    I've never used one, but I'm wondering which way the grip goes?
    With my OWB or IWB 2 o'clock carry the bottom of the grip points backwards, so my palm is toward my body.

    With SOB, do you grip with the back of your hand against your body, which seems a natural motion, (slide would be to your weak side)

    or do you twist your hand to be palm toward your body (which doesn't seem natural) - slide toward the strong side?
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    I have never used one personally but I believe I would prefer the palm to the body, butt of the gun pointing up because when I pulled the gun I would not necessarily be pointing it at myself as I brought the gun out to the front to face the threat.

    A few years ago on the security contract that I used to manage one of the employees shot herself in the foot (literally shot herself in the foot) and every since then I have been very picky about the positioning of holsters. Nothing like a 9mm hole in the foot to drive that point home.
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    Do you really think it's nice to call your holster a S.O.B.?

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    I have a Galco S.O.B. Holster and carry an Auto-Ordnance Pitbull 45 in it.
    The butt goes up, easy to draw. Also very comfortable to wear.
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    An SOB holster should be worn like a strong-side holster, only moved around to 6:00, and tilted toward your strong side...

    SO if you are right-handed, the butt would be pointing up diagonally and toward your left shoulder. You would draw the same as if it were strong-side--palm toward the body on the outside of the gun. It seems awkward at first, but if you train with it it comes easily...

    You don't want to reach between your gun and your body to grab it (palm out) for two reasons:

    1) There is no way to safely lay your finger along the frame to keep it out of the trigger guard as you draw, because that side of the frame is either in your pants (if it's an IWB SOB) or against your belt (if it's an OWB SOB), and
    2) the way you need to rotate your gun to bring it up after you draw makes it MUCH more likely that you will sweep yourself with the muzzle.

    It should look like this:
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