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Thread: Allowing guns in Bars and Restaurants surprising results?

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    Allowing guns in Bars and Restaurants surprising results?

    Who woulda thunk it? Once again, the libs are proven wrong, but to them, I am sure it wouldnt feel right. Why let facts stand in ones way when discussing an issue? It is time for our NC representatives to stop telling us how to "feel" and get with the program.

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    Nice to read that. We all knew this would be the result anyhow. Im all in favor of people carrying guns into bars. Designated drivers should be able to conceal a gun while in a bar. Im opposed to anyone drinking while packing simply because I do agree guns and alcohol are a bad combo. I have no problem with designated drivers, waitresses, bar employee's or even bar security carrying guns. Honestly I dont see one good reason why they shouldnt be able to either.
    When people are being responsible such as a designated driver, they should not be restricted from their right to self defense.
    Liberals are always wrong, thats why their stupid.

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    Guns and drinking don't produce bad results, irresponsible people and drinking don't mix. There shouldn't be any laws restricting carry while drinking, even here in NC, concealed or otherwise.

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    Just got back from vacation in Florida. Even tho its concealed carry it was nice to be able to carry in restaurants that served alcohol. I do not drink but it was good knowing I could protect my wife and daughter had something bad happened.....

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