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Thread: OC at Appleseed Events?

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    OC at Appleseed Events?

    I did search on this topic (we all know how much fun that is) and did not see anything specific to OC at Appleseed events. Has anyone attended an Appleseed while OC? It seems logical enough that it would not be an issue there, given its intended purpose, but I cannot find anything on it. I have sent an email to the event coordinators to get their take on it but haven't heard back yet. The wife and I are attending our first Appleseed next month. I guess I can CC if need be but would be much more comfortable with OC. Any experience or thoughts on the matter?

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    If I could hazard a guess, I'd postulate that handgun carry rules will follow the range rules of whereever Appleseed is at. Some ranges have a cold-range/hot-line policy in which any carry (OC or CC) and handling is not allowed except on a hot firing line, or by Trainers/RSOs.

    You know, if I were planning to shoot 400 rounds out of a rifle over the course of two days, I'd consider carrying ... a rifle. :-)

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