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Thread: This just in: Paducah agrees to obey the law

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    This just in: Paducah agrees to obey the law

    Imagine that, huh.

    This is a victory for the people. If our government is so adamant that The People obey the law, The People should expect the same from their government. Thanks Charley, for the work you did, and thanks for the members who contacted Bill Paxton and associates. Mayor Paxton is now on record saying that he's coming at us and our freedoms through Kentucky League of Cities. Currently, Bill is the President of the Executive Board of KLC. We need to let the board know that this is something we won't stand for and that we will be contacting our legislators to defund them.

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    I must say my heart started beating real fast and I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I read gutshots post. We have upset a bunch of local governments this year that would love to see krs 65.870 removed forever. I don't know why I have let this slip my mind, however I'm glad I now realize I need to get on the phone and send some emails and schedule meetings. We havegot to let our legislators know we want pre emption to stay and hopefully get better, we need to let them know that we have locales saying who cares about the legislature, we can do what we want. If we don't start now it will be too late once the session gets rolling, we have to stay on top of this this year and get closer to having all our freedoms restored, not taken away.

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