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Thread: Good experience at dentist's office, of all places

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    Good experience at dentist's office, of all places

    I got to talking with the dental hygienist and dentist after they scraped 6 months off my molars. Told him of wife visiting San Francisco, and, in a 'scruffy' area, wanted her gun handy. It wasn't.
    The good dentist related a near identical story of when he was in that same city attending a national dentist hoe down. He felt the need of a pistol one evening.
    He asked about my wife's gun, so, turning, I showed him the gun on my hip, and feeling no bad vibes, slowly produced it for him to examine. (He looked very interested)
    edit to add: I have wife's gun as mine is in the shop. Wife is safe.
    He said 'nice', and I re-holstered the Kimber Pro Carry HD II with Esmeralda grips.
    No running and screaming, it was more like I was showing off a new phone, except they were interested, lol.
    I wasn't pulled over by the cops and they haven't phoned so I think I'm in the clear.
    They even gave an engraved invitation to come back in six months! They love me.
    Did I commit any sort of gun etiquette blunder?
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    No "feelings". You should have asked him if it was OK for you to remove it. His answer would have cleared any hesitation and questions for you.

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    I had a discussion with my dentist. I asked him if he would defend himself if he was being robbed. He said he would just hand over his money.
    I asked if he would defend his wife from being raped. He said he really didn't think it would ever happen. I suggested that probably every woman that got raped thought it would never happen to them either.
    It got kind of quiet after that.
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    True story.

    I was in the hygienists chair getting a checkup and cleaning while visiting Florida last year. The doc and I are old friends.

    Hygienist leans in and quietly says, "Doc says you are packing, is that true?"

    I lift up my shirt and carefully pull out my pistol.

    She smiles, turns and shows me her pistol under her white coat.

    Florida, what a state. It was hard making the transition back to CA after being there two months in CCW mode.
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