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Thread: London Olympics refuses tickets to children for Shooting events...

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    London Olympics refuses tickets to children for Shooting events...

    WTF is wrong with the London Olympic Committee?

    This is like not letting children attend Formula 1 racing events because it might tempt them to become getaway drivers for bank robbers...
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    Well, here's their reasoning: "City officials and organizers of the London 2012 Olympics, fearing a backlash from anti-gun lobbyists, will exclude the 15 shooting events from Mayor Boris Johnson's Ticketshare giveaway."

    That's a hell of a way to run a country, out of fear of what some people might think.

    Tell you what: I think they're a bunch of ignorant, yellow-bellied turdballs.

    My grandfather learned out to shoot as a youngin', and so did my father. I learned how to shoot at age nine. My son did, too. My grandfather, father, and myself have all been upstanding, law-abiding citizens, contributing to society, and I have little doubt my son will, too.

    I grew up watching the Winter Olympics on TV, including the cross-country ski and shoot stuff. If London can't pull their heads out of their ....., then the lot of them need a few good dunkings in the Themes.
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