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Thread: 1st of 6 stories - Fish & Game warden tries to board my boat.

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    1st of 6 stories - Fish & Game warden tries to board my boat.

    OK it's no secret to anyone who knows me even just a little bit. I love to fish! I fish bass tournaments and will find almost any excuse to take my bass rig out and run it wide open. Anyway, back in 1999 I didn't have a bass boat I had a Capri 1750 Bay-liner. It was a really nice family boat. 17' 6" long with back to back seating that laid down into two beds. I was on Lake Mead anchored about a 1/4 mile off shore from Hemingway launch ramp. Back then it was only a launch ramp and parking lot. Las Vegas Bay Marina had not moved down there yet. I was fishing for cats and strips at night and it was getting close to sunrise. I had been up all night and was getting tired so I decided to pull the seats out and go to sleep for a while. I always carry my Colt 1911 .45 with me when ever I'm on the boat. I put my gun under my pillow and laid down and fell asleep. Some hours latter I was wakened by my boat moving in a way that wasn't consistent with waves. I slowly opened my eye and saw out of the corner of it a figure climbing into my boat. I was laying belly down and had both hands under the pillow. I slowly got my hand on my gun and released the safety. I could see the person was all the way in the boat now and started to step towards me. I jumped up as fast as I could and put the business end of my .45 on the forehead of the Fish & Game Warden standing there. I think I said something like, "move and die!". He went sheet white and put his hands in the air. I focused my eyes and saw I was pointing a gun at a law enforcement officer and said, "OH S**T!" I pulled the gun away unloaded it and set it down. I was telling him how sorry I was and asked if he was going to take me to jail? He said, no it was his fault he should have never boarded my boat with out permission first. He said he drove around my boat a few times and couldn't see anyone but when he came along side he saw me laying there and assumed I was drunk and passed out. He kept telling me I was OK and he was in the wrong for what he did. He must have said sorry to me at least a dozen times. I think he noticed how upset I was that I almost shot an officer. After a few more minutes of talking he got back on his boat and started to untie. As he was leaving he asked, "um do you have a fishing license?" I said, "sure do, would you like to see it?" His reply,"I've seen enough I trust you. Have a good day." Needless to say I was on a rush for about four hours.
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    Awesome story. I new that one had to be good. Can't wait to hear the other five.
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    Sounds like a GWSP issue.

    (Game Warden Soiled Pants.)

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    What? No empties rolling about on the floor? yep, he just has to passed out drunk!
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    hahaha awesome story. I'd say he's lucky you're not filing a complaint, or worse, didn't get a little twitchy on the trigger finger, but it sounds to me like he got all of the reprimanding he needed. I'm sure he'll think twice about boarding a boat without warning in the future.
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