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Thread: Ohio for Open Carry.....

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    Ohio for Open Carry.....

    I would like to take a second and say thank you for all the dedicated Ohioans that are doing their best to promote OC and the second amendment in their state. I am from Ohio. Now I am an Arizonian and I must admit that about 40% of my decision was the culture and 2A rights. My mother always told me that in life you can do two things. Initiate change or leave. I left, but for those that are initiating change. You guys have my sincerest respect.
    I know it isn't easy there. The cops and culture hveE a long way to go but with perseverance and dedication you guys will get it done.
    With that I leave you with one more thing.....ENJOY THE WINTER!

    -Malcolm West.
    T.V. brings on a whole new meaning to thinking inside the box.


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    thank you my friend. and i will enjoy the winter. i hope you like the summers....

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