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Thread: Need help finding a holster!

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    Need help finding a holster!

    I have taken up cycling as a hobby and love it! While cycling in Conyers one afternoon, I was harrassed by some people in a van. That normally doesn't bother me, but they then stopped about 150 ft in front of me and opened the side van door. Fortunately, another car came the other way and they drove off. This got me seriously thinking about how defenseless I am when I cycle and I need to start carrying. However, it is difficult to carry while cycling. I carry the Bersa Thunder 9 HC and was wondering if there are any hip or drop leg or ankle holsters that I can use to carry. I plan on buying a Thunder 380 when the funds are available, but until then... Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    I don't know anything about the particular firearms you own (bursa) but I have several Colt revolvers, and CZ autos, all with different holsters.

    I do know about bike riding, and an ankle holster does not turn my crank at all. (pun intended) First concern is can you easily access your weapon when you need it. Also, when riding, you have to consider weight too.

    I have 5 different hip holsters, (all leather) but if you are in normal bike riding garb, you probably will not be wearing a belt, so where do you go? Even a shoulder holster assumes a belt? Are you up to the extra weight of a belt? I would think a light belt and a shoulder holster (fabric) would be the lightest and most convienent.

    When I ride, I just wear normal clothing, no compitition in this old man any more, but I do know that when ridding, I want the lightest pistol I own, and the lightest holster. For me that is a CZ82 in 9X18 and J hook restraint Level II belt holster. Oh yes, make sure you have good restraint (level II or Level III) in case you have an accident!
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    Maybe a cross draw holster would be comfortable riding. Just a thought but "thunder" and "380" sound contradictory in the same sentence. LOL

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    Law enforcement uses usually nylon duty rigs for their bike officers. It probably would take getting used to but probably is the best option for open carry. You should also carry pepper spray for dogs while cycling. I found this the biggest problem when I used to cycle regularly. I believe you can order a handlebar pepper spray mount.
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    Wear a belt holster you're comfortable with. If you're like me and enjoy longer riding and thus need padded shorts, wear them underneath light weight and breathable shorts with belt loops. If your rig is too heavy for normal pants belts, wear a gun belt over it with at least a couple keepers.

    Also, SCREW 380! I carry a full sized handgun in a Safariland 6280 while riding, and I enjoy doing centuries. Just use the right equipment, and the bulk won't bother you.
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