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Thread: Deadly casino attack shocks Mexicans

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    Deadly casino attack shocks Mexicans

    There were some interesting points made in this article.

    Much of the article is over the national outrage that now the drug cartels dare to attack middle class people instead of the poor who apparently are deserving of less sympathy.

    Quick synopsis: A popular casino was attacked by thugs who set it on fire after warning people to get out. Many people ran inside to avoid the thugs' guns and 52 citizens died.

    "A surveillance tape showed eight or nine men arriving in four cars at the casino and setting fire to the building within minutes. The gunmen had ordered people to leave before setting the fire, but many fled further inside."

    "We don't know how to protect ourselves or whom we're talking to," he said. "We don't have security right now."

    "Civil protection and the state Attorney General's Office are investigating whether the casino had adequate safety measures and emergency exits" [Safety measures? Like lighted EXIT signs perhaps?]

    "They sought places to protect themselves from firearms," he said. "They went running to closed areas."

    "Most were found clutching cell phones in their hands" [Classic "dial 911 and die" moment]

    If only there were some way that the many dozens of people in the casino could have protected themselves from 6 to 9 thugs. Some solution better than risking death from fire to avoid being shot.
    I just can't put my finger on it.... Perhaps our Mexican friends will figure it out when they truly decide they have had enough.
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    They used fire because for the most part you are not allowed to own a gun in Mexico. One gun store in the whole country. That's why they only capture 93k guns a year. (Note heavy sarcasm).
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