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Thread: ATTENTION; Readers, OCers, Friends, and those intrested...

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    ATTENTION; Readers, OCers, Friends, and those intrested...

    For those of you whom don't read or just plain skip the "stickies", don't forget there are OC events Today (going on now), tomorrow, and Monday!

    Today (Saturday),
    Westland OC Picnic SATURDAY AUG.27 w/Splashpark & Play structures for the kids

    Tomorrow (Sunday),
    Michigan Open Carry Picnic August 28, 2011

    Open Carry Dinner in Canton, Monday 8/29

    Come one, COME ALL!!!
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    Thumbs up

    Hope to see many of you at the Sunday & Monday events.

    I saw a lady at the park we were having our OC picnic at today in Westland wearing a shirt that said "Stay calm and CARRY ON!" How ironic?
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