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Thread: Open carried at Youngs Dairy Farm and Throughout Yellow Springs.

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    Cool Open carried at Youngs Dairy Farm and Throughout Yellow Springs.

    My girl friend and I spent the day a Youngs Dairy Farm and walked every where in down town Yellow Springs enjoying a Jazz festival. Everyone was great, we only had one encounter and that was from a local merchant. She just basically said," Are they real". We had a great talk with her, she was diffenately progun. Later we enjoyed a car show next to the police station. Everything went very well considering it is a liberal town!
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    Yellow Springs?? How many showers did it take after your visit to wash off the patchouli stank?

    I too have OC'ed in that town but just long enough to grab a refreshment and a tank of gas--well, that and a brief stop in one of the parks, to get out a ceegar and light it.

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    I'm amazed.
    I used to live in central OH, & have enjoyed browsing YS many times.
    They didn't strike me as the sorts of people who would be firearm-friendly, or even neutral (you exercise your rights, I'll exercise mine, & we'll leave each other alone).

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