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Thread: 15-year-old boy shot at Davis County rifle range

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    15-year-old boy shot at Davis County rifle range - 15-year-old boy shot at Davis County rifle range: - Boy shot at gun range reportedly showing positive signs:

    From the Doctor that performed CPR on the boy, as he wrote it, on

    The Doctor provides an update on page 6.
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    Absolutely horrifiying to think about!! No kids of my own, but I've taught nieces & nephews how to shoot, and the thought of something tragic happening to one of them brings me near tears. Praise God the young man is showing signs of recovery!! He and his family will be prayed for dilligently by any and all whom I tell. Very glad you were there to render prompt, competent aid. God Bless.
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    May God bless them and you and yours. Thank you for your helping your son and the child and his father with your thoughtful and quick actions. You are one of the "angels" my friend. Your actions brought comfort and helped a young man and his father in their time of need. Please find some comfort in that.

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    Been there, done that - it twernt fun.

    It's been a little over 12 years since my family walked a mile in those shoes, and just reading the postings here reminded me how it made my feet hurt. The blisters didn't heal for years, and though they scab over, it doesn't take much to make 'em bleed again. Their family will be in our prayers for some time to come.

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