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Thread: New Guy and a Question...

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    New Guy and a Question...

    Hey Guys,

    Just thought I'd hop on an introduce myself. My name's Chris, and I'm from the Charleston are of WV, and I have a problem with Open Carry...

    I agree with it!

    Think I've found the right place to be? I've applied for my concealed permit, but to be honest, I plan on continuing to open carry my S&W Sigma 9mm because there's not really a good place to conceal a pistol on my 150 lb. frame...

    Now, as for my question, has anyone ever compiled a list of places that are currently ok with open carry? In my opinion, it would be helpful to know in advance some of the places that object to it, that way you don't have to go through the hassle of wondering whether or not you can carry there as well as being confronted about it...

    Best Regards,

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    Welcome aboard OCDO Chris - lots of good people and information here.

    First familiarize yourself with the laws of your state, get all of the training you can and carry a digital recorder. Personally, I do not look for a list of "friendlies" - I presume everyone to be friendly until proven otherwise. The references to anti freedom loving establishments is regularly reported here. Look for signs, but don't ask ahead of time - that may initiate negative thinking/response.

    Also look into the West Virginia Citizens Defense League ( and give serious consideration to joining.
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    See here:

    And yes, please join the WVCDL. Anyone is welcome over at the forum and a one-year membership costs about one box of ammo.

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    Welcome to OCDO Chris. Learn the laws and carry with confidence.

    edit: And as ArmedSociety asks, do join your states advocacy group, they're your best bet for local info and support!
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