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Thread: Virginia Carry Cards and other pamphlets / papers

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    Virginia Carry Cards and other pamphlets / papers

    If you carry information on OC for the US (in general) or Va. (in specific) please reply below with what information you carry and where to get it. I will update this first post with the compiled list as I can, as people reply so that it can serve others who want to be able carry these also with them.

    I would like to compile a list on the information that OC-ers carry with them, such as Ed's carry cards, when they go out and about, maybe even turn it into a sticky someday so the information won't get lost in the site and fall to the whims of the search function. This is not to say that these are required to carry but are to be done so at your discretion to help educate the public on the legality of OC. I am looking for things such as: VCDL info pamphlets, recently changed laws, corporate letterhead stating company policy of firearms, etc.

    I tried using the search function myself first but I think the cached pages from google provide better results, this should make things easier for everyone.

    (p.s. I am using a mobile device so I have no idea what this page looks like at the moment. I will reformate to make it easier to read for those on the main OCDO site later today)

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    I carry Ed's OC cards.

    For VA Open Carry Cards send a S.A.2S.E. to: Ed's OC cards, Box 16143, Wash DC 20041-6143 (they are free but some folks enclose a couple bucks too)

    I also carry VCDL's no gun equal=no money cards as well as their general information (pink) wallet cards. The NG=NM cards are 5/$1.00 and the pink cards are free.

    Both of these can be obtained at any VCDL meeting or one of their gun show tables. You can also PM me if you need some as I have several stacks.
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    VCDL puts out a new guns laws card annually

    I carry/handout VCDL's gun laws info card.
    This year's card is PINK(?), my wife loves it.

    It has VCDL's logo along with VCDL's slogan:

    This card addresses the laws pertaining to Open and Concealed carry in VA with cites and provides VCDL's contact info.

    You can contact VCDL on their website and request some, a small donation should/could be sent with your request to help offset cost.


    You can contact Pourshot on this site and do the same thing.

    Thanks for the reminder as I'm down to 5 cards.

    Everyone please remember to renew your VCDL membership early (they expire in OCT) and save VCDL the cost of sending you a renewal app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent19 View Post

    Everyone please remember to renew your VCDL membership early (they expire in OCT) and save VCDL the cost of sending you a renewal app.
    Thanks for the reminder.... Done.

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    Can we get links to be able to print out our own copies of said cards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hgreen View Post
    Can we get links to be able to print out our own copies of said cards?
    Try Here:

    You will need Adobe PDF reader, or Adobe Acrobat.
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