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Thread: Visiting New Orleans...maybe...

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    Visiting New Orleans...maybe...

    Hey Y'all!

    So a few months ago we booked a trip to New Orleans for Labor day weekend. All seemed fine and dandy and now we are sitting and watching the weather channel and trying to figure out if we can cancel the trip without losing all the money. Doesn't seem that way and flight next morning seems to be on time, so I guess we are going right into the bullseye of TD-13 aka soon-to-be TS or even Hurricane Lee.

    With all that going on I'd definitely prefer to be armed and I think I'll take 2 guns instead of ususal one for travel - probably an XD-9 and an LCP as a back up. First question, with the state of emergency in LA, can I still be armed and carry? I have a VA resident CHP and given the situation I'm definitely going to CC 100% of the time if I can.

    My research seems to show that I'm good to go. Am I ok to do that? What about following ususally restricted areas:
    1) State and National parks?
    2) Restaurants serving alcohol?
    3) Other places not covered with preemption?
    4) Signs have force of law?
    5) Is there a duty to notify officer?
    6) Any other special limitations I need to be aware of?

    Thanks in advnace!


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    As far as I remember, La. is a must notify/surrender the firearm state.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ProShooter View Post
    As far as I remember, La. is a must notify/surrender the firearm state.
    According to you are correct. It also appears that the do not allow carry in restaurants that serve alcohol.
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    The carrying in places serving alcohol is a difficult issue in Louisiana. I'm going from memory here, but I think the law prohibits all carrying of firearms in establishments that have a Class A liquor license, which is essentially what is issued for bars. Many restaurants don't have the Class A license, but have a Class B license since they also serve food. It seems to me there may be some restriction on any form of open carry in places with a Class B license, but that's getting into more details than I can recall. Hopefully that's enough info for you to begin to ferret out the proper info on your own.

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