Hey all!

I'm from Utah. I am usually over on UtahConcealedCarry.com but am an avid OC'er. A couple years ago I went to the Fair in Twin Falls and was approached by no less than 8 officers and 2 canines. They surrounded me and the Sergeant gave me a ridiculous lecture on why it's not smart to open carry. They asked me to conceal and I declined. They eventually let me be, but had two officers trail me for the remainder of my time at the fair. This incident bothered me, but it really did a number on my Mother and Wife (I was with my parents and brother and his family).

We are planning on heading up to the fair tomorrow (Friday) and I wanted to get any input you had on OC at the event and any laws or info I could use in a similar situation. Normally I would research this myself, but time is short and I figure you all have this information down pat.

Thanks in advance for your help, I hope to hear from you before noon tomorrow!