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Thread: OC in Steamboat Springs?

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    OC in Steamboat Springs?

    I am new to Colorado and Steamboat Springs area. I have a CWP from my home state, but CO does not have reciprocity Anyone know what the laws are about OC in Steamboat and/or if you've ever had a problem with OC in Steamboat? Or where I can get further information?

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    Welcome to Colorado and OCDO!

    I can't speak to personal experience in Steamboat since I've never been there but CO as a whole is pretty open carry friendly, assuming you stay out of Denver city limits (where OC is illegal anyway).
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    Welcome to the forums!

    I'd start by familiarizing yourself with the various maps, here. Next, review Colorado's Summary Sheet before following the links to the Colorado Statutes.

    In a nutshell:

    1. Don't OC in either Denver city or Denver county. That includes the corridor leading to Denver International Airport as well as the airport itself.

    2. If a building or area is posting either no open carry of firearms or no visual display of firearms, don't OC. Doesn't matter if it's a publicly-owned building like the town hall or a library or a privately-owned facility (includes a private home or business). Don't do it. Also doesn't matter if it's right or not! If you're cited, it's an uphill battle. If something's not right, it's a lot easier to fix it with a few well-written letters than duking things out in a court of law.

    That'll keep you out of most trouble. If you have any questions, search the forums. If you can't find what you're looking for, ask away!
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