Hi Everyone,

Today I OC'ed at the Hopkinton fair and thought I'd share my experiences with everyone given the recent Fair Season discussion. I carried my Glock 19 in a black leather Galco belt holster. The holser is the type which leaves the barrel exposed and has no strap or thub break. My wife and I arrived around noon, spent the entire day parusing around, sat in the front row at the Durgin arena, went to the demo-derby this evening and stayed for the hypnosis show until about 10:30pm. I passed a number of cops, fair personnel, women and children, etc. Not one word, not one frightened look, a couple kids pointed and said something to their parents but no action from anyone. Over all, a very peaceful and hopefully educational experience for all that noticed. I'm almost positive at least 2-3 cops saw me and they didn't seem to care. I know I clearly walked by at least 10. For me it was a very satisfying experience not being hassled by anyone for anything. I've read a number of stories about people running into trouble. I open carry alot and have never had as much as a nod directed towards me. I dont know if I'm just lucky or if the general public and the police are for the most part properly educated on the US & NH Constitution

Anyway... my 2 cents. It would seem for those heading to Hopkinton this weekend (or tomorrow anyway), you should be fine.