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Thread: Why We Carry - News Articles From Around Colorado

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    Why We Carry - News Articles From Around Colorado

    Admins/Mods - please stick this thread. It's the type of thread which really should stay up there.

    Hello, Folks! I'm beginning this thread to collect news articles of events which clearly demonstrate a need to be armed.

    First up: Colorado Springs Armed Robbery in Circle K Parking Lot

    "Police say the suspect demanded the victim's money, and pulled out a handgun when the victim refused."

    Key points:

    1. Keep your radar on! The suspect probably sized up the victim before robbing him, so be alert! Avoid becoming a victim.

    2. If you can't avoid the robber, don't let him get the drop on you. This is a clear case of why OC is better than CC. In the time it took him to draw, you could have have drawn and stopped the crime from happening. Just watch your back...
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