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Thread: WA Resident moving to AK.. some basic questions

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    WA Resident moving to AK.. some basic questions

    Hey guys. First, let me apologize if this topic has been beaten like a dead horse here. I was unable to use the search function to find anything. I am brushed up on WA's gun laws, but now that we're moving to AK, I feel I need to completely review everything there is to know.

    Can someone provide me with a basic (doesn't need to be too detailed) list of restricted areas of carry? (CC or OC)

    Does the state of AK preempt the entire field of firearms, as far as carry is concerned? For example, here in WA, the state is the only agency that preempts and regulates where firearms may be carried. No city, town, or county can create rules that are more strict than state law. The state does, however, give the smaller jurisdictions authority to restrict the possession of a firearm in a city-operated building, UNLESS the person possesses a CPL (Concealed pistol license) then they are exempt from the restriction.

    I believe I read on AK's legislative website that it's unlawful to enter someone's private residence with a firearm, unless you have their permission first? Does this also apply to businesses? Or just a private place of residence?

    Any advice is appreciated.. and feel free to post a link to the laws in specific, or cite which codes specifically apply to firearms in AK.


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    The relevant statutes can be found...
    - PERMITS:!2E61!2E220/doc/{@4661}

    DPS has also compiled a nice list of laws in a handy PDF file:

    The bottom line is as follows:
    - RED (Don't carry): Day cares, schools, battered women's shelters, and their parking lots. Courthouses.
    - YELLOW (Carry with caveats or with caution; review the statutes!!!):
    -- Bars (must be unloaded)
    -- Restaurants (it is an affirmative defense that you weren't drinking and weren't seated in the bar area)
    -- Municipal buildings (ok, unless they are signed and have a security checkpoint)
    -- UAA campus/buildings (currently defying pre-emption law; court case pending
    -- School parking lots (must be unloaded and in a case or in the trunk)
    -- Private residences (must get permission from responsible adult)
    -- Private businesses (you can ignore signage, but if asked to leave by a responsible adult you must or it is Criminal Trespass... CCW may be preferred to OC in such places if you choose to go there)
    -- Sullivan Arena (it is a public muni building, but it is signed and they usually have security checkpoints...)
    - GREEN: Pretty much everywhere else. Remember the Federal Gun Free School Zone act creates a magic bubble that will make you a potential felon every time you, say, drive north on the Glen Hwy to Birchwood unless you case and lock your firearms or get a CCW permit.


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