I went to Les Schwab yesterday to get tires rotated. Don't really like to sit as there is too much activity behind me - I can't remain situationally aware if there is a lot going on I can't see.
So I stood for a while in one corner. Wanted to see my rig and the goin's on, so ID'd a good spot near the window to the shop area. There was one guy there, doing whatever folk do with their phones by the hour. So I went over and stood in proximity to him, so I could watch my rig and the waiting area at the same time. Guy notices my sidearm, but doesn't say anything - at first.
Then he asks, "Why did you buy a compact?" It's a Glock 30. I say, "Because I already own a full-size" "oh, that makes sense" he says.
Then he starts to tell me he shoots USPSA. So we get to talking guns, and it turns out we have shot some of the same comps. He's only done a few. But rather than an explanation of why OC would be needed or advisable, it was a more typical talk about likes & dislikes in guns.
Not your average OC encounter.....