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Thread: First OC

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    First OC

    I applied for my CC permit on my 21st birthday, and received it a month and a half later. I am now 22 and have concealed either my Glock 23 or Beretta 92sb just about everywhere I have gone since. When I took my required handgun class before applying for my CC permit, the instructor who was NRA certified told me that once I applied and received my CC permit that by doing so I was weaving my right to OC! I have done a lot of looking around and have not seen any law stating this. I found this forum and have read a lot of the threads and have not noticed the topic. After reading the threads here I am pretty sure the instructor was misinformed or misspoke but it has made me nervous to OC for the first time. I often see people OC in northern CS and falcon and know that for the most part it is received ok(from what I've seen). So is OC an option for me since I have a CC permit? And what are possible outcomes if someone flips out and calls the cops that someone has a gun? Not that I have seen it happen or anything I just want to know if its worth it or not to let people know that I am willing to defend myself and others, if/when I OC.
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    First, you are correct. You do not waive a right to OC simply by posessing a CCW permit. You waive your right to OC by choosing not to OC. No, you are not in voilation of any law in Colorado by OCing regardless of whether you have a permit or not (outside of Denver).

    I think I'm happy that you are nervous about OCing. It is a very large responsibility. Personally I think rights come with responsibilities. With time and practice, the nervousness fades. The responsibility stays.

    What are the possible outcomes if someone flips out? You may be contacted by the police. If you are, it is up to you to decide how to handle things. There are many topics on the board that cover this situation. However, things should go smoother if you already have a CCW permit.

    Is it worth it? I can tell you that it is possible to literally spend thousands of dollars to prove that what you did was legal. I have. I am the minority in this. Yet even so, I still carry every single day. This is a question that only you and your God can answer. Personally I recommend you get his/her perspective on it.

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