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Thread: Rules are not final yet?

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    Rules are not final yet?

    MADISON (WRN) A law allowing people to carry concealed weapons in Wisconsin takes effect in less than two months. However, the training requirements needed to qualify for a permit are still largely unknown.
    David Zibolski with the Wisconsin Department of Justice says they are still waiting for the Governorís office to weigh in before writing the administrative rules.
    Zibolski says a scope statement outlining their intentions has been sent to Governor Scott Walker. He says DOJ is still waiting for it to come back with final approval or any changes made by the governor.
    Zibolski says a few types of training have already been approved. For instance, hunter safety courses count, even if you received your certificate decades ago. He says residents who passed the course and wish to use that to qualify for a permit should be able to contact the DNR to obtain a copy of their certificate, if they no longer have one.
    Zibolski believes the rules will be finalized by mid-October. The first day state residents can apply to receive a concealed carry permit is November 1st.

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    if they try to force specifics I would guess that hunters safety classes will be packed a lot more than 10 year olds

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    The law pretty much covers what is accepted...not sure why they seem to be having so much trouble with it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrjam2jab View Post
    The law pretty much covers what is accepted...not sure why they seem to be having so much trouble with it....
    It is government and they want to screw us...
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