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Thread: As we get closer to application day....

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    As we get closer to application day....

    The rumors are starting to fly about. I'm not going to spend much energy at all worrying about rumors. I do, however wonder out of sheer morbid curiosity what kinds of screw ups we will experience when the first wave (oops, I used the "W" word!) of applications for CC goes into processing after November 1. I wonder how many applications will be "lost" or "misplaced" or some other government nonsense.

    This ought to be interesting to say the least. If all goes well and there aren't too many horror stories of qualified applicants being denied.... If we don't hear the "we lost your paperwork again" routine from too many people, I will be floored and shocked.

    I'll also be very pleased if the application and approval process goes well for most folks. This is our government we are dealing with, though. So I'm not being real optimistic to say the least. I guess we'll all see what happens.
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    I'm not expecting much else but a wait of around 45 days or whatever the max is. I don't believe there's a conspiracy to lose paperwork. Nor do I believe the people tasked with making this a viable process feel it in their best interest to screw anything up. Considering the qualifying parameters involved, this will be no more difficult than issuing a hunting license. Where people will experience issues is if they do not read the packet carefully and neglect to submit everything to the letter of what is requested.

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