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Thread: House Bill 246

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    House Bill 246

    Okay, I have a question here that kinda causes me to question things. In 2009, the Governor signed Montana House Bill 246 which states (I'm paraphrasing here so bear with me) that any firearm, firearm component or ammunition made within the state of Montana, sold in the state of Montana, that stays in the state of Montana doesn't fall under the regulations of interstate commerce and therefore the federal government has no jurisdiction over it. If SI Defense for example, makes an AR-style rifle, which they do, and it says 'Made In Montana' somewhere on it, the government's form doesn't need to be filled out that goes to the ATF or wherever it goes.
    My question is this: If we have this allow-ability and this fortune, why isn't it used?? Why do we still have to fill out this form if we buy a firearm that is made in Montana? I can't see spending thousands of dollars on a gun made here if the manufacturers aren't even following HB 246? I'd be willing to spend the money if I didn't have to worry about the paperwork.

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    Because it is currently tied up in the courts, with the .gov saying that they still rule the roost. This law, or one like it, was passed in a number of states. Marbut was posting updates on the litigation, but I have not seen anything in a while.


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