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Thread: Open Carry in Lexington, KY

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    Open Carry in Lexington, KY

    I am a new gun enthusiast trying to learn more about the laws governing open carry. I am a college student in Lexington, and I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a law preventing open carry in Lexington. I know not to carry on campus or in banks, but what about when going for a walk with my wife and kid, or going to a park, store, etc. Any info on the laws would be helpful. Also, what does KY consider "concealed" as far as on the person. I just wouldn't want to get confronted because my shirt tail was too close or some other technicality. The cops here aren't too friendly.

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    first of all welcome to OCDO, as for open carry in KY it is perfectly legal, even in a bank. as with any carry state there are some place that open and or concealed are not permitted, off hand schools k-12,post offices.
    as for being sure about open carry just be sure no part of your clothing covers your weapon unless you have a CCDW. you should visit the KY section, theres a lot of great info there.
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