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Thread: Anybody familiar with OC in Lexington?

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    Anybody familiar with OC in Lexington?

    Hey there,
    I just wanted some input on how Lexington is with open carry. From what I read it seems like it is perfectly legal in most places, but from what I have seen the law enforcement here isn't always ...friendly. How have your experiences been, and where are places to avoid OC for either legal purposes or just a headache?
    I also want to know...with me living close to University of Kentucky should I be worrying about what sidewalks I carry on or are these owned by the city? UK is kind of spread out, so I'm not sure where my boundaries are.

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    I've had positive experiences with Lexington PD, and so have several others. If you're not a student at UK, it really doesn't matter. One can legally carry on UK property but be told to leave.

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    I've not had very many problems with open carry in Lexington. I haven't seen anyone else around town open carry though, but any time Im out, whether it be grocery shopping running around town doing errands, or just going out for a bite to eat I open Cary.

    I've not had any negative experiences with the lexington police department. I've actually had very positive experiences again. I was stopped by 2 police officers in the Fayette mall just for them to thank me on properly using my 2nd amendment right. And once again was stopped by 4 local police officers again on my way out of walmart. The younger of the bunch asked if I always carried a firearm, and I told him I did. He then told me to have a good day and stay safe

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    I have had no trouble OC in Lexington other than one time at a local Wal-Mart I was asked to leave my weapon in my car.

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