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Thread: Hand Placement

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    Hand Placement

    Used the search tool to no avail.

    So I plan on being unconcealed open carry as soon as I hit 21. Right after I've sobered up from the bar I just went to of course.

    Now, when standing, I kind of naturally place my hands on my waist, cross my arms, whatever. And people have different places where they put their hands.

    What I am wondering is...when you're carrying, where do you place your hands? I mean...I see cops do this all the time, they rest their hands on their guns.

    Is that kosher?

    I'll probably try to avoid this. and just keep my hands crossed or in front of my belt, or at my side. (Although that could be an issue if I was using a drop leg holster)

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    What kind of holster are you using? If you have a high-rise holster then you'd look silly resting your hand on your sidearm. I have a big level 3 serpa duty holster (which is a pain to put on and take off), and I sometimes will rest my hand or elbow on the top of the holster in crowded places for additional retention. Usually my hand naturally rests right next to the holster, when I walk I sometimes hit it with my swinging arms. You eventually get better at not hitting your hand.

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