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Thread: Armed robbery in Chesterfield

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    Armed robbery in Chesterfield

    While leaving the office late last night, around 10, my employers father was robbed at gunpoint. The victim is about 80 and was apparently unarmed. The thief got his cell phone and keys, don't know yet if he had cash. Keys and cell phone case recovered, no cell phone.

    This occured near the Chesterfield Meadows Shopping Center, less than a mile from the Chesterfield Government Complex.

    I always carry at work. I guess Pop will too, now.

    Be aware out there and be safe.


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    Glad to hear he was not hurt in the incident. Cellphone service can be discontinued. Keys are replaceable. Staring down the barrel of any gun is, to say the least, disturbing. Gotta keep that situational awareness up. It won't always save you, but without it you will get blindsided more often than not.

    stay safe.
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    Very happy he was no injured during the robbery, I'm surprised something like this would happen that close by to the Courthouse! My father used to work in that shopping center years back and I haven't been there recently. I live in Chesterfield closer to the city and don't venture out towards the Gov Complex much but it just goes to show that sort of thing can happen anywhere.

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