I recently received the following, and thought, "Wouldn't it be nice if we OCers could get together in teams of two and do a bit of our own strolling around downtown Colorado Springs?" Not as a part of CAPS/CA, but simply as American OCers.

If you're at all interested, respond here and you can hook up with one another. If we get enough folks participating on any given day, I have four radios (possibly six) we can use. They're on a secure net.

Hello CAPS (Community Advancing Public Safety) Volunteers! (or Citizens Academy graduates!)

Check out this new YouTube video, showcasing our Police and Fire Chiefs on behalf of the CAPS volunteer program. We are posting this on a variety of web sites and Facebook pages, and invite you to share with your friends and colleagues.


We also want to let you know about a new pilot program in case you want to try something a little different! Working in teams of two, volunteer Downtown Ambassadors will stroll through the downtown area during this holiday season, answering questions for shoppers and guests about all the Downtown area has to offer, as well as serving to be extra “eyes and ears” for public safety.

Partner with a spouse, friend or colleague. Training is provided along with a radio, logo apparel and all the information you’ll need.

We are looking for volunteers who enjoy strolling about talking with people and local merchants, are somewhat familiar with the downtown area and can commit a few hours a week Mon-Sat between noon and 8pm. This pilot will run through the holiday season.
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